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How Do You Establish Your Social Media Goals

Hey guys,

Yesterday we talked about a general guideline with 8 steps to craft your “social media strategy”. Starting with today, we are going to break it down and explain all of these steps one by one.

A solid social media plan/strategy starts with building some numerical targets for your social presence on all social platforms that your brand is on. it’s clearly important for you to create platform-appropriate content, but it’s not ideal to just post them randomly on each channel without clarifying what exactly you’re trying to do through each channel.

So, before you start going at it with a posting frenzy on all social media channels, let’s consider these components.

1. Do you want to create brand awareness?

2. Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

3. Do you plan to generate leads and increase your sales?

4. Do you want to create a community that gets to know your products and services?

5. Do you want to use social media as a lead generation gateway?

6. Do you want to partially use your social media for customer support for an existing customer base?

Answering these questions will certainly guide you in creating your social media goals and targets. The one thing that we recommend you to do is to set realistic goals, otherwise, once you can’t complete them or get close to completing them, you will be doomed to failure.

As @pinkocreative, we’re here to guide you in your social media, content, business, lead generation, and creative goals.


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