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How Do you Engineer and Strategize your SEO Efforts?

SEO has been one of digital marketing’s significant pillars and more people are starting to understand the importance of it rather than simply using paid ads. Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you optimize your web pages and content to rank higher on search engines. All businesses’ end goal for SEO is to rank on the top page of any search engine for specific keywords to bring in more traffic by attracting potential customers to your website.

Therefore, implementing an SEO strategy that effectively boosts your website’s visibility, new customer attraction and organic traffic growth will be highly beneficial for your business.

Let’s look into some key factors to engineer your SEO strategy…

Organic Traffic Growth:

When people search for queries, they usually click on the first three organic results that they see on the first page of the search engines. This is referred to as organic traffic, which is the number of visitors that visits your website by clicking on these results.

As a business, you should always aim to increase your organic traffic because simply it’s targeted traffic. That means the person is looking for something specific and if you can offer them a solution for their specific query, your chances of turning that potential into a long-term customer.

Search Engine Results Page Visibility:

Google comes up with an outcome or a search engine results page (SERP) for each query. These usually consist of organic results, paid ads, quick snippets, images, etc. Basically, search engine visibility shows us the number of people that come across your website in the search results.

Identified Keyword Rankings:

A keyword is anything that is searched on a search engine. Any single word or phrase is considered a keyword if it comes up on the search results page on any search engine. If you want effective keyword rankings, you should optimize the content on your website, your social media pages, etc. for specific search queries.

You can always track your Google ranking by doing keyword research for the specific ones that you have identified.

Every company wants to be on the first page and specifically in the top 5, so keyword ranking is a pretty vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

Quality Backlinks:

Getting quality backlinks is one of Google’s top ranking factors so, again it’s just as important as keyword ranking. As a business, you can always monitor your backlinks and see if you’re getting quality ones organically. Moreover, a backlink strategy should always be a part of your digital marketing strategy because they have a tendency to bring as much organic traffic to your website as possible.

You can use the ‘backlink analytics’ tool to check out the backlink domains that you’re receiving. This tool can help you with your website’s link-building progress and identify new link-building opportunities. Sometimes businesses buy organic backlinks, and other times, they get them organically if your business is getting quality organic backlinks, that means you’re creating some real problem-solving and engaging content. If you have new websites that link to your content with a strong follow-link profile, that means you’re doing a really good job on your backlink strategy.

That completes our list of the top four key factors for your SEO efforts. There are more identifiers of course, but we thought these ones were the most important ones that you need to pay attention to as a business. If your brand is organically strong, you don’t really need any paid ads because people will recognize your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.


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