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Here Comes the Rest of Paid Search’s Evolving Trends - Cont. from Thursday’s Piece

In our Thursday post, we promised we would come back to you with the other two paid search evolving trends and here they are. The Other Top 2 Paid Search Evolving Trends to Look out for;

3. The re-introduction of broad match Broad match means if your search query was contextually similar to the targeted keyword, your ad would show. This has now had a much-needed overhaul to ensure marketers remain in control of budgets. Google’s algorithm technology helps interpret queries, language and search intent. It uses this understanding to make keyword matching behavior more closely aligned with the query. That makes broad matches even more relevant. You can always choose campaigns to switch to broad match and run a test to see incremental traffic and revenue.

4. Third-party cookies removal and the influence of audience Third-party cookies are getting removed, so Google is now focusing on the intent of people’s searches rather than audiences, capturing people on the likelihood that they will meet a campaign’s objectives. First-party data becomes important as well in targeting an engaged audience. Contextual targeting will be on the rise again for display/programmatic activity. It would be good for your business to work closely with your provider and review targeting options for future activity and how to capture your target audience.

That said, we’re looking forward to hear your comments and thoughts on this.

As @pinkocreative, we’re more than happy to always hear from you.

Have a great weekend guys,


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