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Have You Built Your Amazing Content Strategy for Your Social Channels Yet?

You can always make your brand shine through some great content. Now that you completed your social media audit and know exactly what works best and what does not, you can start crafting your superstar social media content strategy.

Your content strategy will be based on your brand’s business goals, target audience and channels & how you’re going to use these channels. Let’s start with determining your content topics. - What is your main focus? - What do you want to share the most about your products and services? - Do you want to post blog content, case studies, your employees or industrial news? How about the content type? - Are you going to be focused on video, photo or written content? - Are there going to be any polls, infographics, link previews, or any speech event such as podcasts or live streams? Hashtags are definitely a must to get you recognized and bring your brand in front of a wider audience. - Do you want to focus on a few specific hashtags regarding your products or services? - Do you want to incorporate industry specific hashtags that meets you with specific audiences? - Do you just want to use popular hashtags and get engagement from a general crowd? All in all, we can’t really say that there is one specific rule, or formula regarding a content strategy, so as @pinkocreative, we recommend you to put down the basics and tweak it around to adapt it according to your business’ needs.


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