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Don’t you Just Love Some of Those Webinars, Research Reports and Newsletters? Yes, They Help you Gen

All lead generation activities are based on content marketing. We must mention that it’s the main pillar of all. Content takes all forms such as written, video, webinars, reports, e-book, etc. so the higher the quality of your content, the more interested your prospects are going to be.


Informative webinars that solve your target customers’ problema or answer their questions are a good way to make a more personal connection and generate leads. If the prospects find your webinar insightful and worthy, they are more likely to share their contact details to receive information about your related product or service.

Industry Research Reports

Publishing a well researched industry research report is a good way to establish your credibility and share contextual information. You can always partner with online research organizations or curate the latest studies from multiple credible sources to create your own version of the report. Then, get leads by offering a free download of the report in exchange for contact details.

White Papers or E-Books

White papers and e-books that provide information for your audience are good ways to generate leads. People who share their contact information in exchange for these resources are already looking for solutions that your product or service solves. Hence, these are going to convert into sales and create recurring revenue for your company.


Weekly or monthly newsletters are a good way to keep your leads engaged and catch up with them about your company’s or the industry’s updates. Set expectations from the newsletter so that your audience on the list know what to expect from you. You can share new product releases, promotional offers and surveys through the newsletter.

Have you guys tried any of these lead generation techniques? If not, feel free to ask us here at @pinkocreative.

Visual Credit: Markus Winkler

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