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Do you Know How to Organize your Leads According to Lead Types

You maybe capturing lots of leads, but when it comes to categorizing them, do you know how to separate them into categories that are useful for your company’s #sales and #marketing benefits?

If you’re using #CRM tools, then you probably know how to organize your leads according to how you’re going to make use of them according to different purposes.

Let’s look at different types of lead categories;

1. Sales qualified leads: SQ leads are people or companies, who are interested in purchasing your products or services and they’re most likely captured by sending an inquiry, filling out a form or directly calling you. They’re already highly interested, so they’re most likely to convert. 2. Marketing qualified leads: MQ leads might be less likely to purchase due to interacting with your company through your marketing efforts. They’re in the stage of trying to learn more about what you do so, it might take some effort for you to convert them into buying your products or services. 3. Product qualified leads: PQ leads are the ones, who already tried a “free-trial” version of your product or services and are now interested in purchasing it for the full experience. 4. Service qualified leads: SQ leads are people or companies that are highly interested to know more or try your product or services. They usually state their interest for your company’s products through your service representative.

Let us know how you categorize your qualified leads for your company. We’re looking fwd to hearing your comments.


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Visual credit: Mikael Blomkvist

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