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Do you Know How Online Lead Generation Works? If yes, Go for it!

Generating leads is a must for your business’ successful growth, but do you know how the inbound lead generation process works?

Let’s get you started here. Potential clients can find your business through various channels such as social media, website, blog, podcast, webinar, etc.) It’s certainly important to add a CTA (call to action) at the end of your content pieces because, prospects will be reading your content and taking action accordingly. Once you gain their attention, they will visit a landing page that you direct them to see to learn more about your business details.

Magic happens on the landing page :) You need to be offering something insightful to the visitors in exchange to get their information. It could either be a case study, a success story, a research, a white paper, e-book, or anything else that you think would lure them to give you their contact information. A potential customer’s collected information will be your first step as a business to convert them into leads because it takes a few attempts for a lead to turn into a paying customer. The best way to nurture them would be to keep them interested with an ongoing conversation that keeps them interested in purchasing your product or services. It’s vital to keep all your leads’ information stored in your database. It could be as simple as a Google Drive excel sheet or as complex as a CRM system, but your main goal here is to maintain all your potential customers’ information. Leads that somehow showed no interest up to a certain period of time (maybe 6-8 months) maybe marked as cold leads, but no potential is ever considered a lost one. Keep communicating and keep the leads coming :) If you have any questions, we’re here to help as @pinkocreative. Cheers! #leads #leadqualification #qualifiedleads #sales #conversion #salesqualifiedleads #productqualifiedleads #marketingqualifiedleads #leadgeneration #generatingleads #marketing #digitalmarketing #categorization #digitalagency #leadgenerationagency #pinkocreative #leadnurtiring

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