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Digital or Graphic Design? Combining both worlds wins the trophee

Designing is an essential part of not only digital marketing, but also has been a huge part of marketing and branding forever. When we say graphic design, we mean mostly static art, but when we talk about digital, we’re bringing our art on the screens either as animations, interactive pages, and 2D or 3D modeling. Basically, the major difference in between these 2 terms are creating images and elements specifically to be displayed on computer, phone, digital dashboards or any other digital formatted screen.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t all colorful digital arts and prints all the time. Sometimes, brands want to go “back to the basics” and create simple and minimalist flyers, cards or any other physical print edition pieces. This is exactly when we need to go back and use our graphic design abilities.

Once, we’re able combine physical and digital worlds with graphic and digital designs, that’s when we will create the extraordinary. Here at @pinkocreative, combining both worlds and steering away from the “usual” gets us some out-of-the-box ideas and creating. What are your thoughts on this? Look fwd to hearing some extra opinions :) #pinkocreative #design #graphicdesign #digitaldesign #digitalworld #digitalmarketing #digitalagency #creative #digitalart #extraordinary #marketing #branding

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