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Detailed Guide of Marketing Statistics - What’s Happening with Audio Content?

Audio content has been very popular as we’ve all been seeing it around on various websites especially for published news, articles, etc. It has an advantage over video or written content because you don’t have to still watch or read it, you can basically listen to it anywhere you like. Nowadays, as marketers, we hear a lot of people listen in rather than read books or any lengthy written content.

There are different types of audio content. Let’s talk about them briefly.

Podcasts: They’ve been very popular in recent years because people like to listen to other people debating about a trending topic. Some of those podcasts have a million listeners because they can be pretty relatable. Usually, industry-related podcasts are the most popular in the market. Audiobooks: E-books are pretty successful pieces of content, but repurposing them to create audiobooks or audio articles from them is more successful in terms of capitalizing on customers or leads.

Voice search: Optimizing for voice search through Google or Amazon works the same way as written content searches, where you would have to identify keywords using platforms such as Adwords, WordStream, etc.

Let’s check out those audio content statistics.

-80% of marketers already use audio content and podcasts and they’re planning to invest more for the upcoming year.

-Almost 30% of the US population listens to podcasts (12+ years old).

-Last year in 2021, people used to spend 16 hours on average/per week listening to online audio.

-Spotify has been named the most popular online audio platform.

-Lastly, the average audio listener listens to 8 podcasts a week. In conclusion, whether you’re trying to bring in new leads or hyping up your current customers, you should always set up an end goal for your audio content before implementing it. Audio content marketing should always be a part of your marketing strategy or specific content marketing strategy, but it needs to fit into the entire strategy with the right purpose.

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