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Detailed Guide of Marketing Statistics - SM Channels - The Latest LinkedIn Stats

Social media has been on the rise for a few years now and it’s only becoming more popular for search than search engines. Businesses have also been investing in #socialmediamanagement to reach wider audiences to get their brand messaging across.

Social media marketing started as posting visual or written content on various social platforms, but as the concept evolved, it turned more into a growth opportunity, so people started coming up with hacks and strategies for businesses to increase their presence.

To differentiate from the competition, companies need to look at a wide range of indicators such as content, engagement, shares, context, hashtags, and most importantly results in analytics.

Here comes the crucial question. “What platforms should we be present at? Before we move on to the answer, here are a few benefits of your quality social media presence.

1. You can engage with more and the right people.

2. You can boost inbound traffic.

3. It’s pretty cost-effective.

4. You can increase brand awareness and loyalty.

5. Gain some insights regarding your customers

As a business or a brand - regardless of the industry, size, and business model - if you’re on the wrong platform, your chance to build your #socialcommunity is already ruined.

Let’s start with LinkedIn.

It’s the most professional network out of all platforms today. It’s more suitable for B2B with its 830M members. It used to exclusively be a recruiting and professional platform, but today, you can do opinions, content, the news follows ups and networking. LinkedIn prefers its members to post content that offers valuable business insights for targeted audiences.

-LinkedIn is the largest B2B display advertiser in the U.S.

-Since 2020, LinkedIn’s live streams have more than doubled increasing by 158%.

-4 out of 5 LinkedIn members are decision-makers.

-Over 90% of B2B marketers actively use LinkedIn for their organic social media marketing efforts.

(Statics are taken from Hubspot)

That said, if you’re a business that operates in the B2B field, as Pinko Creative, we will be happy to get you started on LinkedIn and build your presence with great industry-related content.

Feel free to check out our website, or social media and contact us to learn more about how we can help you :)


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