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Detailed Guide of Marketing Statistics - SM Channels - The Latest Facebook Stats

Social media is huge and by huge it means, it’s the new ‘search’ engine of now and the future. People use different references for social media such as #socialmediaplatforms, #socialmediachannels, and #searchengine.

Before we talk about specific Facebook statistics, we want to address the difference between a channel and a platform.

In today’s digital world, the most common and well-strategized way to engage with your audience is through all social channels and platforms. Most people - even marketers - use these two words interchangeably, but they have their own differences. Let’s define these terms.

A platform is a technology that lets businesses connect. Small businesses can elaborate their products and services, innovate and grow while letting the brand’s stickiness strengthen and connect with their audiences at a deeper level. Operating systems and the web are considered examples of platforms.

On the other hand, a channel is a technology that lets brands communicate with their audiences directly at a digital level. Some examples of social channels are SMS messaging, in-app messaging, and push notifications.

Then comes the next question. Is Facebook a platform or a channel?

Facebook is a social networking platform that makes it easy for people to connect and share information about themselves with others. Just like every other social platform such as Twitter, Instagram, etc., Facebook also evolved to be a platform, that businesses use to connect with each other and share professional information.

As of today, it still defends the title of having the largest network of people with 2.6M monthly active users.

Now, we can move over to discussing some Facebook statistics.

-Facebook is still the primary content distribution channel.

-69% of American people use Facebook.

-Almost all users access the platform via mobile.

-Facebook is still the most popular platform across users of all age groups.

That said, Facebook is still the biggest networking platform for both personal and business purposes. Once you set your social media strategy straight, make sure you use Facebook actively and that you have all your information set up correctly on the platform for your target audience to reach out to you.

Feel free to reach out to us at @pinkocreative to guide you with the most suitable social media strategy for your business.


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