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Detailed Guide of Marketing Statistics - Content Marketing - What Blogging Brings in

Content marketing is one of the key points of digital marketing and with great content businesses can create tremendous amounts of quality leads that turn into recurring revenue in the future.

The main purpose of content marketing is to create and share relatable written, visual, and/or downloadable content that answers your target audience’s questions. While addressing your audience’s wants and needs, it should also give them enough information about your brand, expertise, products, and services.

Businesses should always look into some statistics to make sure they’re succeeding with their strategy. Statistics provide insights and help them understand if they’re addressing the right pain points for the right audience.

We looked into “content marketing statistics” within four different fields, which are blogging, content strategy, video, and audio.

Let’s start with some blogging statistics.

1. Less than 3,000-word articles ranked in the 3rd spot for B2B content services that generate the most beneficial results.

2. About 50% of the companies that have a proper content marketing strategy use blogging as one of the focused assets.

3. Over 50% of marketers say blogging is very effective and about 10% say it brings in the biggest portion of ROI.

4. Again over 50% of top management says they read content regarding thought leadership for an hour everyday day on average.

5. WP users say they create 70M new posts and 77M new comments each month.

Looking at these #statistics you can see why blogging is so important to leverage your business and that it should never be overlooked.

Create quality and relevant content and just watch the magic :)

If you’re not sure where to start on your #contentstrategy, as @pinkocreative we’re always here to help. Simply drop us a message on Instagram, on our website, or LinkedIn for all your questions


(Source: Hubspot Marketing Statistics Blog)


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