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Are You Appealing to Your Audience on the Right Social Platform?

There are various social media platforms that your business should be on to reach out the right target audience because social networking is becoming more important day by day.

There are nearly 200 platforms to choose from as of today and it continues to grow becoming a challenge for businesses to choose the most appropriate platform for social presence. Being on social media is part of a business’ investment strategy, so they need to make the right assessment and the right choice accordingly to make sure they’re appealing to the right audience.

The first and foremost recommendation for businesses for social presence would be to start small and conduct lots of A/B testing to make sure their social media strategies are working. It’s important to classify the difference between a B2B and a B2C audience and choose the appropriate platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest are very well established and reputable platforms with huge networks providing the best opportunities for your business’ growth through your content reaching out to as many people as possible. If your business is heavily invested in video making and video content, then it should be ideal for you to present your business on YouTube and Tiktok and maybe on Pinterest. These 2 video platforms have the vast majority of users, so they sure are “the” places to be active for brand awareness and brand growth.

Simply put, if your business is on the right social media platform at the right time, appealing to the right target audience, and providing useful & insightful content on a regular basis, there is no reason for it to not grow.

Right time, right content, right people and consistency are the keys to success!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments or share this advice with people, who you think might be interested :)


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