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5 of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 Explained (Video Analytics) - Vol.2

Anyone who has been keeping up with social media, and marketing should know that video is the new form of content that appeals to consumers and video marketing is the new type of marketing that will catch everyone’s attention.

Even though we’re talking about visual content, we still need to analyze the necessary insights to make the most accurate decisions when it comes to the types and subjects of the videos that are displayed on our social media channels.

Let’s take a look at TikTok and YouTube, where lots of influencers produce videos that promote certain products and related topics to get consumers to engage and ultimately turn that engagement into sales. @Tiktok influencers are great with GenZ. They can clearly catch the young generation’s attention so quick, but the real question here is even if those videos go viral, they still have a chance to not turn into revenue.

There are lots of research done regarding the virality and popularity of those product videos and we can say that engagement and product appearance aren’t the most important factors.

The main thing about those videos is more about the product complementing and/or synchronized with the video ad that is playing. The end effect is certainly positively correlated with the number of purchases and sales. Once people see an ad that’s thoroughly related to the product they’re trying to buy, they tend to make an impulsive purchase including the product with the displayed ad.

All in all, consumers can be very impulsive buyers when it comes to offering them the right complementary product, at the right price, at the right time, and at the right place. This is the most important #videoanalytics metric that all brands need to know.

Look fwd to hearing your thoughts :)

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