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5 of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 Explained One-by-One - Vol.1

As we’re moving towards the last quarter of 2022, we have focused on researching what has been trending in areas such as digital marketing, marketing, social media, creative design, and branding. We wanted to start with digital marketing. We came across 5 major trends and as @pinkocreative we want to share them with you one by one on each post.

Let’s start with the first trend that happens to be consumers using social media networks and using a trend called social proof before purchasing a product.

In today’s digital world, consumers tend to make a brand or purchase decisions based on digital networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. They’re heavily influenced by what people are saying on these digitally connected channels regarding a product or a service and this is called the social proof trend this is why social media is extremely important when it comes to both gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones.

Just a quick explanation…Social proof is the idea of people copying the actions of others to fit in a certain environment that they haven’t experienced before.

This is exactly why both brick & mortar and online stores work hard to get people to buy or try their products and give them reviews online. Reviews and recommendations are the online versions of #wordofmouth marketing and they work really well, especially if the people, who recommend are #influencers.

To conclude, we can say that #socialmediamarketing is the key to increasing your audience, potential buyers, and customer base. It’s the fastest form of outreach to create new hypes and trends out of different #audiences.

Just make sure your #buyerpersonas and #targetaudiences are set correctly so that you can reach the most effective potential customers.


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