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What’s Next After Setting up Your Social Strategy, Execution!

You have completed all necessary steps to build your social media strategy from researching your target audience to creating a channel appropriate content strategy and to researching your competition. If you think this was the hardest part, think again! Because the next step is execution.

Now, it’s time to consider and plan your overall budget, resources and time availability within your team. Before you start executing your social media strategy, you need to delegate all the tasks to the necessary teams with defined deadlines. One of the most important aspects when carrying out your strategy for execution is the level of achieveability.

If you put together an “unrealistic strategy, you will more likely run into glitches while executing it so, it’s not going to succeed as planned and thus, your efforts and time would be wasted.

To execute your social media strategy successfully, you should consider these key areas; -Creating content on a regular basis -Engaging with your followers and your audience -Conducting competitor research and social listening on a regular basis -Monitoring your strategy’s performance and defining areas of improvement if needed. -Keeping your strategy flexible for any dynamic changes just in case if you want to adjust it accordingly. Execution is really the toughest part of any strategy, so if you need any guidance or any answers for your questions, we’re always here to help as @pinkocreative.


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