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Top 7 Communities for Photographers in 2022 - Part 3

And here comes the final two communities out of the seven. We wanted to give you as many options as possible for you to look at, choose from or present your photography.

Digital art is great, but photography through using shades of color, lighting, and catching the moment has a different effect on people. Since we live in the digital era, people tend to use digital art forms or mediums rather than traditional photography and we just don’t want it to die as it’s losing popularity, unfortunately.

6. Grainery: One of the Best for Photographers Shooting Film

Grainery is aiming to be what Instagram used to be, but towards people, who only film. You can look at film scans all you want, and it’s still trying to get to the point where photographers are valued. It’s progressing slowly, so be patient as it is considered one of the best communities for photographers that shoot film.

7. EyeEm: Powered by AI and Driving Sales

EyeEm makes money through contests done with companies in collaborations, but they also have a stock service. The best thing about this app you’ll see photos and be able to network with other creatives. In addition, they also integrate into Getty Stock and Adobe Stock, which is a huge plus to browse through more photos and also be able to present yours on those platforms.

That said, we conclude our photography communities list.

Let us know if you know of any others that you want to add to this list and follow us at @pinkocreative to see our designs.

Happy Sunday:)

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