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We’re two empowered women entrepreneurs, who want to join our strengths and guide companies and individuals in their entrepreneurship journey. 


We’re huge believers in the “digital era” and the term “digitization” because this is our future now. 

We’re eager to help you grow either from scratch or improve your market presence with cutting edge and tailored digital marketing solutions along with creative content.


The most important part of our process is to actually get to know you, grow with you as business partners and turn your brand into a worldwide recognized entity.

Over 17 years of experience in graphic design, business development and sales.

My biggest passion is to create self-expressive advertising and pattern works for a wide variety of companies within different areas. ​I continuously love gaining new generation experiences by mixing and matching the languages of colors, lines and art.

Over 16 years of experience in digital growth & marketing and business development & sales.

My biggest passion is to create sales and marketing strategies for a wide variety of companies;

from startups to enterprises across different industries worldwide and to see those companies thrive continuously in their markets.

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